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Due to an increased awareness of indoor air quality and consumer demand, Rainbow distributors in many markets across the globe are currently seeking individuals to fill a variety of roles. You can join the thousands of people across the globe who have realized a more abundant lifestyle in the Rainbow business. You do not have to be a professional or have previous sales experience. You will receive training from experienced professionals and provided with ongoing support and tools to help you succeed.

We have part and full time management positions available

If you are looking for a lifestyle that can be managed on your terms, come and join our amazing team. You will meet mothers that work from home, fathers that work for us part time and even business owners who want to bring in a second steady revenue stream. We offer the flexibility that you want and the hours you provide are controlled by you. - Full support - Best product training - Weekly open houses - Room for advancement - Amazing perks - Travel - Paid Trips - Car Giveaways

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Amanda Cocimano

I am so thankful that I decided to join the Rainbow Team!! Originally just came in to the business to earn my money back on my Rainbow System. After a few short weeks I decided to join this amazing team! I’ve made more money part-time than I could imagine & I LOVE THIS! I can help my Family with financial freedom while helping other Families with healthier living!

Crystal Thompson

I have been a dealer since October 2020. I was introduced to Rainbow after doing an in home demo to help a family member get her system for free. Being an allergy mom, I spent hours cleaning my house each week. Once the Rainbow was demonstrated I could not live another day without breathing that water washed air! I signed up for the Ride Along program to earn my system for free and the rest is history. I had so much fun during my program I decided to continue my love for helping families improve their health by joining the Optimal Air team. This opportunity has brought financial freedom to my family, all by just having fun. I am incredibly blessed to be apart of this Rainbow family and enjoy helping others achieve their goals and improve their health. It's not work when you are having this much fun!

Amanda Sansbury

My introduction to Rainbow was a little bit different. I saw people posting on Facebook about the Rainmate and how much they loved it, and I wanted one. So I reached out to a friend and asked how I could get one. Long story short, she came over, showed me the amazing Rainbow and I knew I had to have one. I was sold by the Rainbow’s health benefits and cleaning power. I purchased, joined the program to earn mine for FREE, because WHY NOT? Who doesn’t love Free! While noticing the change in my home with my family and our breathing, I knew I had to share this with everyone, not just the people to complete my program. I asked my friend about the Rainbow opportunity and the rest is history. I love this and the financial freedom it is offering my family. All while helping others breathe water washed air. I cannot wait to see what my Rainbow future holds.

Jennifer Dowell

From Southern Maryland, I am a wife, mother, and going on 33 years working a full time job. I made the decision to join the Rainbow team part time at the end of my Ride Along Program July 2021. Because I am also a Rainbow SRX customer, I know and understand how owning a Rainbow will change a customer's home to a healthier lifestyle. My love and concern for people makes my job fun striving to spread awareness on this Air Purifying System.

Lexi Buckler

I joined rainbow because it gave me an out on jobs that didn’t care about you and I was just a number I’m now no longer a number but part of a great team with even greater opportunities to offer. The options are endless whatever you put your mind to hear you are successful with an awesome village behind you pushing you towards greatness god provides what you need and this is the freedom and sign I never knew I needed. I now am my own boss I now make my own schedule and with rainbow I have been able to not only be financially free but enjoy quality time I miss out on so much & for that I am forever grateful.

Michelle Roberts

My mother owned a Rainbow from 1980 and it was still working in 2020 when she passed. All I remember about it was how gross the water was when she would empty it and never knew it was created as an air purifier. I did a favor for a friend and had a demo, mainly because I wanted one of the smaller Rainmate machines for my bedroom due to allergies. As a pet lover and owner of 3 dogs and a cat, I was amazed at what was pulled from my house during a brief demo. I was shocked to say the least, but still didn’t think I could ever afford it just 2 weeks before Christmas. Then I made the decision that our health was worth every cent so I decide to finance it and also signed up for the 12/2 Rider Program so I could earn my machine and attachments for free. Within six months, I earned all the extra attachments for free, completed my program and received my reimbursement check as promised by Optimal Air, LLC and paid off my loan. I enjoyed every demo that I went on, especially when it came to helping my own friends and seeing their reactions and then watching them earn theirs for free also. Optimal Air, LLC is owned by two incredible ladies and the team of dealers they have with them are truly amazing and supportive. It was an easy decision for me to continue being a member of this family, so I signed up to be a dealer myself. I want to continue helping others, educating them on the Rainbow system so they can live and breathe a healthier life! The financial freedom is just an added bonus!

Wanda Buckler & Sherri Bonner

Area Distributors
from historic Southern Maryland with an office in Mechanicsville MD since 2017. Our mission is to help every home get a clean & healthier living environment with the benefits of a Rainbow Cleaning System. We are proudly growing our amazing team and eager to serve the surrounding communities in MD & VA with Rainbow Sales & Service! We are not only excited about introducing the community to our amazing products we are super excited to offer opportunities without limits in this rapidly growing business! Come join our Team!!