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Lexi Buckler

I joined rainbow because it gave me an out on jobs that didn’t care about you and I was just a number I’m now no longer a number but part of a great team with even greater opportunities to offer. The options are endless whatever you put your mind to hear you are successful with an awesome village behind you pushing you towards greatness god provides what you need and this is the freedom and sign I never knew I needed. I now am my own boss I now make my own schedule and with rainbow I have been able to not only be financially free but enjoy quality time I miss out on so much & for that I am forever grateful.

Crystal Thompson

I have been a dealer since October 2020. I was introduced to Rainbow after doing an in home demo to help a family member get her system for free. Being an allergy mom, I spent hours cleaning my house each week. Once the Rainbow was demonstrated I could not live another day without breathing that water washed air! I signed up for the Ride Along program to earn my system for free and the rest is history. I had so much fun during my program I decided to continue my love for helping families improve their health by joining the Optimal Air team. This opportunity has brought financial freedom to my family, all by just having fun. I am incredibly blessed to be apart of this Rainbow family and enjoy helping others achieve their goals and improve their health. It's not work when you are having this much fun!

Jennifer Dowell

From Southern Maryland, I am a wife, mother, and going on 33 years working a full time job. I made the decision to join the Rainbow team part time at the end of my Ride Along Program July 2021. Because I am also a Rainbow SRX customer, I know and understand how owning a Rainbow will change a customer's home to a healthier lifestyle. My love and concern for people makes my job fun striving to spread awareness on this Air Purifying System.

Shanna Dennee

I’m Shanna. I am a mother to 3 adult daughters and a 13 year old son. I have been married to the love of my life for almost 20 years! I am Nana to our 2 year old granddaughter. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats that keep me busy. I currently watch our granddaughter while her mom works. I enjoy quiet time (because my house is busy and I don’t get it much). This opportunity with Rainbow has allowed me to get out of the house and meet new people while sharing a product that I absolutely love!

Amanda Cocimano

I am so thankful that I decided to join the Rainbow Team!! Originally just came in to the business to earn my money back on my Rainbow System. After a few short weeks I decided to join this amazing team! I’ve made more money part-time than I could imagine & I LOVE THIS! I can help my Family with financial freedom while helping other Families with healthier living!

Ashley Thomas

I’m a mother of three, wife, business owner, dog mom, and cosmetologist. Rainbow has given me countless blessings to be grateful for each day! This system has changed my family’s life, with the fresh air we breathe and how clean it helps me make our home. The difference from our old way of life to this new journey is incredible. I can sleep knowing my family is well taken care of even when I don’t have to do anything! My Rainbow system takes care of it for me! I have made amazing friends, who have become family, and I get to have more time and enjoy my family more knowing I make a living by bringing clean air to other families! Best decision I’ve ever made!

Brittany Russell

My name is Brittany Russell. I am a full time local realtor with Re/Max 100 serving all of Southern Maryland and surrounding areas. I was introduced to Rainbow and instantly fell in love with all the benefits it offers my family and home. I love it so much, I decided to join the Rainbow team so I could share this amazing system with all my family, friends and clients alike. I believe everyone should know about the Rainbow system and what it can do for your home and more importantly your health!

Megan Dean

Being a Kindergarten Teacher, high school field hockey coach, and bartender on the side, I had no interest in purchasing a Rainbow and was just squeezing in a demo within my busy schedule to help a friend earn hers for free. During the demo, my husband and I both fell in love with the product and signed up to do the 12/2 program just in case I was able to find the time during the next six months to earn our money back. We were able to complete our program and earn our Rainbow and extra attachments completely for free in a little over a month! I had so much fun during the program and couldn’t stop talking about my Rainbow, that I decided to join the team and sell this product that I love so much! We have two golden retriever puppies that make a big mess and a baby of our own on the way. Our Rainbow has made our life so much easier. It is comforting to know that the floors and air our child will be breathing and playing on are actually clean. Joining this team has allowed me to drop my other side jobs which were draining my time and energy, and allows me to do something I love and make more money doing it!

Preston Fouch

Self-proclaimed 'Rainbow Skeptic' I was first introduced to the Rainbow SRX in September of 2021. After doing my demo and the program to get my Rainbow for free, I found my second purpose outside of my Marine Corps Infantry service with the Rainbow Opportunity! I can not begin to describe how much this opportunity has changed my life, from the benefits of owning the SRX, the financial freedom, and the overall satisfaction working the times that fit my schedule! My wife of 12 years and currently four kids (one more on the way!) have benefited from the Rainbow SRX in more ways than one considering the endless opportunity Optimal Air, LLC has afforded us! I will be the first to tell you I had ZERO intentions of ever becoming a dealer, and I am now so thankful to be part of this fantastic team! Had I not taken a leap of faith and tried this out, I would have missed the opportunity of a lifetime! Semper Fidelis!

Michelle Roberts

My mother owned a Rainbow from 1980 and it was still working in 2019 when she passed. As a teenager growing up, I remember how gross the water was when she would finish cleaning and I would empty the basin outside. I actually thought it was disgusting and I had no intention of ever purchasing one, but my friend asked me to do her a favor and have a demo back in December of 2019. I reluctantly agreed because I really just wanted the Rainmate Air Cleaner to help with my seasonal allergies because a lot of my friends had them and loved them. We even removed all the carpet from our home due to allergies and having pets, so I figured I didn't need the Rainbow system anyway. After my demo, I was amazed and appalled at what the dealer pulled from my house. I had even spent the entire day before the demo vacuuming and dusting and I was shocked beyond words and even a little embarrassed. I liked that it is mainly a certified air purification system with whole-home cleaning capabilities. I also liked that I wouldn't have to deal with the offensive smells that came from my bagged vacuum that I had been using. I made the decision that our health was worth every cent so I did purchase the SRX model and I decided to participate in the 12/2 Rider Program they offered so I could earn my machine and extra attachments for free...what other company does that??? NONE. I completed the program, earned all the extra attachments for FREE, and received my reimbursement check as promised by Optimal Air, LLC and paid off my machine 100%. I absolutely love my Rainbow and everything it is capable of doing for my home and my health and it was worth every dollar I spent! Lord knows I've wasted a lot more on other products that don't compare. I knew early into my rider program that I wanted to share this with all my friends and family and since I enjoy meeting new people and helping people out, I decided to sign up as a dealer. Optimal Air, LLC is owned by two incredible ladies and the team of dealers are truly amazing and supportive. Rainbow has been a true blessing to me ever since my demo and has afforded my family the ability to do things we haven't been able to do. I want to continue helping others, educating them on the Rainbow system so they can live and breathe a healthier life! The financial freedom is just an added bonus!

Wanda Buckler & Sherri Bonner

Satellite Distributors
from historic Southern Maryland with offices in Mechanicsville MD since 2017 & Salisbury MD . Our mission is to help every home get a clean & healthier living environment with the benefits of a Rainbow Cleaning System. We are proudly growing our amazing team and eager to serve the surrounding communities in MD & VA with Rainbow Sales & Service! We are not only excited about introducing the community to our amazing products we are super excited to offer opportunities without limits in this rapidly growing business! Come join our Team!!
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Happy Customers

“First I want to say thank you Optimal Air for bringing something into my life that has made big changes to my health. I have always thought of my home as a safe haven for me and my family because I’m so allergic to life it seems. Allergies and asthma is what I have and my kids and husband the yearly allergies. Me on the other hand, I have to suffer year round, it don’t matter takes a lot of those allergens out of my air. My home seems to have a fresher lighter feel rather than a dense thick air. I was 100% dead set against having someone come to my home and talk to me about a dang vacuum-NOT INTERESTED! Finally I said ok, come on lets get this over with, but watching what the system could do I was amazed! Just stunned! I really and truly love my rainbow! I decided to try a program to earn mine for free minus the tax, I hardly talk to anyone even more with COVID-19 hitting, I just knew I wouldn’t be able to do it. But in 33 days I has all 12 Demo’s complete. I earned pots and pans, another rainmate, ALL the attachments and the Rainbow all for free, I had 3 qualifying sales and I am sure they will all say the same thing, that they love their Rainbow! I am completely satisfied with myself and with the purchase. The air purifying system that comes with this system is amazing I leave my system on 24/7 unless I am using it to clean! Thank you all for introducing me to this amazing machine!!!“
Christie Wood
“ I’ve used the rainbow vacuum for over 30 years. My son was 3 years old and was suffering with terrible allergies. A friend told me about the rainbow vacuum and I soon purchased one. I was so impressed with the tremendous suction that made my carpets, floors and furniture so much cleaner than before. Matted down designs/scrolls in the rugs reappeared and the carpet set up fresh and plush. No dust escapes into the air while vacuuming. Suction on hardwood floors is great and grit/pebbles, etc. do not shoot out from under across the floor as you are vacuuming. Being self-propelled, eliminates pushing and pulling and lower back pain issues. The convenient switch modes on the handle and the corner rotating brushes allow such ease for any challenging areas. Now he has his own house and rainbow! Love my rainbow”
Patricia Cocimano
“A believer I would say NOT....in the beginning...I felt the price of the Machine was ridiculous and only a fool would pay that price for the machine... My Daughter let me use her's ...in my home ....and let me say spending the afternoon getting to know the machine and personally witnessing how it cleaned my blinds....the doubt started to chip away ... Finally my husband just pulled the trigger...and in the deep dark crevices of my brain I've begun to jump for jubilation...no more soaking the blinds in the tub to clean... Hallelujah As a business owner .... I'm rest assured that my customers entering our facility are getting clean wash there especially with the pandemic it's been a comfort knowing that Tommy and I are providing the hallway clients and guests with the best care we are able to give Try it out .... I guarantee you will not regret... ”
Rebecca Hall
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